Thursday, December 29, 2016

Crafting with Cats

This is Gingy Pingy...also known as Gingybread and other names I will not type because children might be reading this...

...and this is Sophia the Fuzz, also known as Judy because she glares at us in silent judgement (as one can observe in photo below).

While their colors and overall personality differ, they have one thing in common: they're both supreme craftholes.

I don't know if it's the sound of the scissors that intrigues them, or the sparkling glitter or metallic glue gun smell but once I sit down to create, they decide it's a great time to be all up in my business.

Yes, please feel free to completely trample over my creations. Sophia, don't forget to crumple my print-outs and also, Gingy please do enjoy plonking your fuzzy behind on top of my supply container. You know full well that you are too cute and look too comfortable so I cannot move you.

Yes, they sashay all over my desk, trampling new ornaments, smearing or knocking over paint and stealing the brushes. Sometimes Gingy even decides to have a taste, just to be extra jerky. He probably pooped glitter that day (I hoped it scraped him on the way out).

Despite their dastardly doings (mostly by Gingy, as you've probably gathered), I still managed to produce a fair amount of Christmassy goodness this year. Here's a final shot of Gingy commandeering a container...I should have shipped him off to the Craft Fair as well but I think they would have returned to sender. Such a sweet CATastrophe. The struggle is real!

Friday, December 2, 2016

These lollies don't suck!

Hi crafty people! I know, I know...I've been a procrastinating poster over the last few weeks, but not because I've been lazy. I've been busily elfing away in my little corner office fulfilling a flurry of lolly orders! Who knew that this lil' cute idea would be so popular!?

Pictured: Sugar spirals of love and glue gun burns. Please take note of my awesome new mug which I bought from me to me for my Birthday in late November! I think I'll get a paint pen and draw a check mark next to "spice" (I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want).

Crafting epiphany - I love making ribbon bows, however I found that I do NOT enjoy making 30 ribbon bows at once. Also, is it possible to get a glue gun callous on my hand from constant use, cuz, ouch?

Bonus picture - Cat-ception: Me, wearing a CAT shirt while holding my Mom's CAT!!! "Boy" the ginger tom was duly impressed, which is obvious by his dozy expression.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wakey, wakey, Eggs & Bakey (& Toast)

My cousin's all-day breakfast restaurant inspired me to make these cute (kawaii) Christmas ornaments. I think the toast is my favorite, with its little pat of melting butter. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

These Gingers have Soul

I'm not a cookie person (chips are more my thang) however Christmas cookies are an exception! Since I live in Belize where it's generally 100 degrees (ooh rhyming), using a hot oven is not a fave past time. Anyways, feeling crafty I was inspired by cookie clipart and set out to make some gingerbread ornaments from craft foam.

I thought I would document the process in case a fellow Christmas-crayzee wants to try it for themselves.

Follow along with the pictures:
  1. Make templates: Trace shapes onto cardboard to make your templates (I recycled cereal boxes for this project). Then using a pencil or ball-point pen, use the template to trace the shape onto brown foam sheets.
  2. Cut shapes out: Carefully cut out your ornament from the foam. I find that small, needle tip scissors work best.
  3. Crispy-fy your cookie: To get a sort of "crispy cookie" scorched edge effect, use an oil pastel crayon along the edges. I guess you can also paint the edges if you prefer.
  4. Icing time: I ran out of white puffy paint, so I experimented with "icing' options. In the end, I used my glue gun silicone glue to create the raised icing effect. You can also use puffy paint or even flat white paint.
  5. Berry nice: Using a single hole punch, I cut "berries' from a sheet of glittery foam, then glued them in place.
  6. Paint your icing: The dried silicone glue lines were painted with white acrylic paint to look more like icing. I applied a several coats with a thin brush.
  7. Voila! You just no-baked cookies! Add magnets or a ribbon/string and you're good to dough...I mean go!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hey Sweet Thang!

Dieters beware! I've been busy "cooking up" some sweet treats in my little crafty corner! See the high-calorie cuteness below:

Ooh Shake your flakes! I tried my hand and painting, and it didn't come out too badly. I painted directly onto craft foam with really cheap acrylics lol. Note the chenille stem poinsettia. They don't call them pipe cleaners anymore...I guess cuz everyone uses them for crafts and not cancer?

Mesmerizing swirls of delight (and foam). I'm just glad that I finally found a use for these wooden craft sticks that I impulse-purchased like....years ago. Anyone else do that? I buy craft supplies that I "might" find a use for. I do eventually...mostly...

Oooh La LA! I tried the heat-forming (thermoformado) thing again to make a cupcake, and it's kinda cute. Well, the biscotti or whatever it's supposed to be, are sort of positioned like tv antenna (yes, I'm old ok) so that needs changing...but all in all, CUTE!

What do you think?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

High Elf Esteem

So, in my crafty research I keep coming across video tutorials on a craft foam technique called heat forming or "termoformado" in Spanish (craft foam is reeeeaaally popular in South America). Basically, the craft foam is heated (carefully) on an iron or some other hot surface, and then stretched/pressed into or over a mold. When the foam cools down, it retains the shape of whatever you used.

I saw a video showing how to make these adorable elves, and I was totally motivated... the heat forming part of this craft involves stretching hot foam over polystyrene balls.

My first attempt was a disaster, UN DISASTRE! So, I set the idea aside for a little while. Then I found this video, demonstrating a simple technique to help you shape the foam over the ball...And I was like...LET'S DO DIS!!!

So I DO-ed it, and it came out pretty decent!!He's comfy in an egg cup while the paint dries, then he'll get a hanger and be ready for the tree.

Termoformado level: Elf Esteem!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Twinkle, twinkle

Today I got inspired to try an experiment, to see if a paper craft project that I recently did would translate well into craft foam.

This is the paper snowflake that I made last year for the office...

Then I came across this chick making "star sections" from foamies...and a lightbulb went off in my head. PING!!!!

As per usual, I had a candle burning for "atmosphere" and maaaaaybe a little moscato for motivation...

Ta-DAH! What do you think? It was pretty easy to make. I coiled up a festive chenille stick for the center and I'm thinking this design would make great poinsettias in red!

Glamour shot...

Like a diamond in the sky...wish that I was eatin' pie.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Snow Much Fun!

The last 2 weekends were spent creating templates and cutting out foam shapes (while binge-watching "Supernatural" haha). I can't wait to get my ergonomic scissors - my hands have been suffering! Hashtag old age, haha.

There's just something about white against midnight/royal blue! 

Christmas needs carrots!

Squee! I feel as happy as these snowdudes at how the ornaments are coming along. Just a few more final touches and they'll be ready :-)

Monday, September 12, 2016


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Christmas shenanigans to bring you these adorable Halloween Spookies (in progress...)

I saw the little felt ornaments online and fell in love with their bug-eyed glory

Sam and Dean kept me going through the thumb pain and glue burns...

Devilishly cute and frighteningly quick to make...

Eyeball hell, soooo many to slice (can no longer feel thumb)...

Squeeeee!!! So much eeeeevil! Stay tuned for the finished cuties...Ghoulishly adorbs!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Christmas Teatime Friends

Hooray! I finished my first set of Christmas 2016 ornaments. The first set is always a "tester" set, that helps me to decide what colors and decorations I want to add (glitter, paint etc.). I'm pleased  Time to get "Elfing" and make some more!
Below is the process I went through to get to the final product. It all started with my daughter's "Shopkin" falling in my beer.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

So, this just happened!

I guess the Shopkins beer episode was inspiring?

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Air Fresheners Anonymous

~OrnaMENTAL Status~
  • Pine-scented
  • Not in need of new air fresheners for months (unless I find a new scent!)
The first step in curing your addiction is admitting you have a problem. I wouldn't call this a problem...I call it Christmassy Delicious!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Christmas all day, errr' day!

So, I guess by now you've realized that I'm slightly fixated on Christmas....You THINK you know, but you have no idea! Sure, my crafting is 98% Christmas-themed, but my LIFE is at least 30% Christmassy on a daily basis! Probably more.

Coffee mugs? Yeah, I have about 20 and most of them are Christmas mugs. Potholders? Yup, snowman-themed. PJs? Forget about it!! About 80% of my PJs are covered in snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, crazy get the picture. Socks? Yup, 95% of those are Christmas socks. Pictured above is my dearly departed doggie modeling a pair of my snazzy socks.

I've also worked the theme into my kid's fricken NAME!!! Yeah that's right, her middle name is "Noelle" which is bloody gorgeous in my opinion...and Christmassy! My husband Jaime even has a Christmassy surname (in my opinion) - REYES! Ya know, like the 3 Kings? lol. And lastly, I have decided that my middle name sounds suspiciously like the activity that those people do, singing from door to door every Christmas - Carolyn (CAROLING!!!). I was destined for the Christmas Life!

I didn't choose the Christmas-crazy life, the Christmas-crazy life chose ME! Hahaha.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I ALMOST started making ornaments last night, but..

~OrnaMENTAL Status~
  • Beer-buzzed
  • Finally, inspiration has hit! I thought I was going to be doing Christmas Piggies, but NAH! Stay tuned to see what I will do instead! P.S. it's not Shopkins. This little sucker just happened to infiltrate my beer bottle last night.

I finally got inspired for this year's craft foam Christmas ornaments, and was planning on making the templates last night but then my husband gave me a beer and I got sidetracked lol! So instead of ornament template pics, this is all I have to offer...


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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Time Travel to Christmas 2015

~OrnaMENTAL Status~
  • Pro-wrestler procrastination
  • An actual damn HURRICANE passed over Belize but all craft supplies are safe and dry...and untouched bwahahaha

Ok, so it's already August and not a piece of craft foam has budged from its storage box. MEH!!! Here I go again, trying to inspire myself with a flashback to last year's creations.

Sophia stands ready to swipe everything off the table.

Assembly line! Who needs elves? Not me!! Unless house-cleaning, litter-scooping elves exist, cuz then I'll take 3!

Starting to look more like reindeer now, and less like poo-shaped pears with antlers!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Throwback to "Baa" Humbug

~OrnaMENTAL Status~
  • Pro-procrastination
  • Actually opened the craft box...then closed it

Nothing like a good Christmas Pun! Throwback to a Christmas long, long ago (2007) when my first set of Christmas Sheep made their debut.  I think I made these while watching an epic Crab Fishing marathon on tv haha. Ahh, memories.

Ewe-ltide Greetings / Yultide Bleatings / Fleece on Earth / Fleece Navidad

Any other pun ideas are MOST welcome! Puns are my life-force (well, that and coffee...and mebbe a wee bit of liquor, ha!).

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Motivation

OrnaMENTAL Status:
  • Procrastination
  • Budding inspiration

Deja vu! Here I am on yet another Monday, remembering Christmases past in order to generate the push I need to get a-crafting! Flashback to Christmas 2015 when I made this puppy for the office window:

Hooray for YouTube tutorials! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy:

  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler
  • String (for hanging)

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