Monday, October 16, 2017

Harry Potter and Halloween

Today's mood: sleepy! This little critter below is the reason for my groggy feelings and he's totally worth it (hairflip, L'Oreal).

Harry Potter the chockie lab came into our lives about a week ago and I'm currently doing the night-time crate training thing. It's basically just like having a newborn baby except I'm outside in my jammies ever 2-3 hours putting him out for "peepee, peepee, what a gooood booooy." The neighbors must think I'm crazy...if truth be told, they probably figured that fact out soon after we moved in. Whatever, just over here livin' my life!

The rest of our animal menagerie are slowly accepting his existence, mostly because they have no choice in the matter haha. Expect many, many doggie pics to come in the future because I can't help it.

Even though I've been a PRO-craftinator, I did manage to squeeze out a wee ghostie craft for Halloween. Here's a lazy update for you via the social mediaaasss...

Can I please get a round of applause for producing an actual craft this month?