Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

GameOfThoughts - Episode 4

"I'm fine. Everything is fine."

Y Tho?

Jamie, Why you So Pritty?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Game of Foams

Time for some Thrones! I mean, FOAMS Y'all!

Like the rest of the universe, I've been waiting with a total lack of patience for the new Game of Thrones season to begin and dayyyyuuum it's begayyyyyynnnn! I feel less stressed this season and I think it's because I'm finally and properly jaded and ready for anyone to die.

Yes, it took me 6 seasons to come to this place of resignation. That being said, I hope they don't kill off Euron too quickly. What a badass - amirite!? Shit, they'll probably kill him now.

Speaking of badass villains, I wonder what the Night's King is up to and how close he and his Army of the Dead are...cue Thriller intro.

Here's my version of the biggest threat in Westeros...he'll kill yuuuuuu (adorably).

It only took me 4 months after moving to unpack and semi-organize my craft room. Paint pens, CHECK! Card stock, CHECK! Things are about to get Messehhh!

The EYE! It sees! Oh wait...I'm confusing this with Lord of the Rings or the Illuminati... (#illuminaticonfirmed)

Shit's gettin' REAL! Real cute, that is!

In the absence of dragon glass and/or Valyrian steel, d'ya think titanium will work? Oh no, that SONG!!!! Earworm! *plays Nine Inch Nails to drown pop poison*


Speaking of poison...Lady Olenna! *sheds a tear* - Guess I'm not that Jaded. Aaaaaaahhh, damn you Aerosmith! *Earworm*

P.S. You better believe I'm tagging GOT peeps on Instagram just in case I can get a like. I'm still riding the high from that time J.K. Rowling "liked" my Tweet! #cheapthrills - and yes, I screen-shot that shit!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Procrastination Explanation

I moved house in late February, and we all know how much FUN that can be! I've been organizing my home little by little since then, but 3 months later my craft room is STILL a pile of boxes and junk. To be fair to myself, I did start to clear it out, but the nice area I cleared is now filled with a sofa that will eventually occupy the corner of the room...once I can SEE that corner hahaha.

You know what they say about idle hands!

To satisfy the need to work with my hands and prevent the apocalypse, I've been focusing on collecting plants and enjoying the blooms in my garden. So until I get my shiz together, please enjoy a few of my pretties...

This is a WEED, but I love it and I think Dr. Seuss would too...

Flamingo Feathers...the seeds came through my fence from the neighbor and politely planted themselves...FO' FREEEE!

I inherited spinach when I bought the house. Here it is, dead and delicious in my plate.

Gratuitous unrelated cat pic...because, Gingy is majestic...