Thursday, October 11, 2018

Writing notes to Faeries

I've always had a wild, creative imagination fuelled early on by the stacks of books beside my bed. I've always, ALWAYS loved reading and as a kid I consumed books like air. I was particularly drawn to the old Grimm's Fairytales and the fantasy world of Enid Blyton and her pixies, imps and the Magic Faraway Tree. 

I believed in, really BELIEVED! I herded up the neighborhood kids into my Treestump Club, which mostly consisted of writing notes in teeny tiny writing and putting them in old treestumps for the fairies to find (I think we also made up dances? haha).

So, imagine my utter fooking DELIGHT when I came across this beauty of a book at a secondhand book store! Such a nice nostalgic journey back to a time when my hair was crazy(er) and I was mis-matching patterns before it was fashionable.


(Faeries, 1978. Brian Froud & Alan Lee)

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