Tuesday, October 23, 2018

πŸšͺ 🎨 The Door - A History

First the laundry room door was stained wood. But it bored me.
So after a few months of living with it I painted the door pale blue like the kitchen walls. It stayed that way for several months. I added a glass window to it. But it still didn't bring me glee.
So I changed my mind on the color and painted it a sort of greeny aquamarine. It gave the small space a nice bump of brightness. I liked it for about 4 months.
But then...I decided it needed more blue because the tones of my color scheme are more blue than green and it was bugging me. So I painted it navy blue. It stayed that way for 2 hours because it was too dark for the small space. Didn't bring me joy. I kept glaring at it from the living room. Nope, had to go.
Then I went all paint science and mixed some of the navy blue into the aquamarine in a dish to see what would happen. Joy! It made a cheerful turquoise blue. It basically looks exactly the same, but with blue undertones instead of green. So I painted the door for the 4th time. I think I'm done now?
Conclusion: It would be easier if life was photoshop with several layers of history that can be undone. Wow, that got real deep.

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