Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Elfing tired, but happy!

Season's Greetings be upon you! The countdown to Christmas is barreling forward, so I thought I'd show you what I've been up to!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Harry Potter and Halloween

Today's mood: sleepy! This little critter below is the reason for my groggy feelings and he's totally worth it (hairflip, L'Oreal).

Harry Potter the chockie lab came into our lives about a week ago and I'm currently doing the night-time crate training thing. It's basically just like having a newborn baby except I'm outside in my jammies ever 2-3 hours putting him out for "peepee, peepee, what a gooood booooy." The neighbors must think I'm crazy...if truth be told, they probably figured that fact out soon after we moved in. Whatever, just over here livin' my life!

The rest of our animal menagerie are slowly accepting his existence, mostly because they have no choice in the matter haha. Expect many, many doggie pics to come in the future because I can't help it.

Even though I've been a PRO-craftinator, I did manage to squeeze out a wee ghostie craft for Halloween. Here's a lazy update for you via the social mediaaasss...

Can I please get a round of applause for producing an actual craft this month?

Monday, September 25, 2017

The "BERs!"

We're finally into the BERs (SeptemBER...OctoBER...NovemBER...DecemBER) which obviously is the best time of the year! As per usual (perhaps more than usual) I find myself proCRAFTinating. I haven't made a single Halloweenie or Christmas ornament, but I did make a cowfish (wait, what?). Here's a summary of my recent shenanigans as told via Twitter and Instagram.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

GameOfThoughts - Episode 4

"I'm fine. Everything is fine."

Y Tho?

Jamie, Why you So Pritty?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Game of Foams

Time for some Thrones! I mean, FOAMS Y'all!

Like the rest of the universe, I've been waiting with a total lack of patience for the new Game of Thrones season to begin and dayyyyuuum it's begayyyyyynnnn! I feel less stressed this season and I think it's because I'm finally and properly jaded and ready for anyone to die.

Yes, it took me 6 seasons to come to this place of resignation. That being said, I hope they don't kill off Euron too quickly. What a badass - amirite!? Shit, they'll probably kill him now.

Speaking of badass villains, I wonder what the Night's King is up to and how close he and his Army of the Dead are...cue Thriller intro.

Here's my version of the biggest threat in Westeros...he'll kill yuuuuuu (adorably).

It only took me 4 months after moving to unpack and semi-organize my craft room. Paint pens, CHECK! Card stock, CHECK! Things are about to get Messehhh!

The EYE! It sees! Oh wait...I'm confusing this with Lord of the Rings or the Illuminati... (#illuminaticonfirmed)

Shit's gettin' REAL! Real cute, that is!

In the absence of dragon glass and/or Valyrian steel, d'ya think titanium will work? Oh no, that SONG!!!! Earworm! *plays Nine Inch Nails to drown pop poison*


Speaking of poison...Lady Olenna! *sheds a tear* - Guess I'm not that Jaded. Aaaaaaahhh, damn you Aerosmith! *Earworm*

P.S. You better believe I'm tagging GOT peeps on Instagram just in case I can get a like. I'm still riding the high from that time J.K. Rowling "liked" my Tweet! #cheapthrills - and yes, I screen-shot that shit!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Procrastination Explanation

I moved house in late February, and we all know how much FUN that can be! I've been organizing my home little by little since then, but 3 months later my craft room is STILL a pile of boxes and junk. To be fair to myself, I did start to clear it out, but the nice area I cleared is now filled with a sofa that will eventually occupy the corner of the room...once I can SEE that corner hahaha.

You know what they say about idle hands!

To satisfy the need to work with my hands and prevent the apocalypse, I've been focusing on collecting plants and enjoying the blooms in my garden. So until I get my shiz together, please enjoy a few of my pretties...

This is a WEED, but I love it and I think Dr. Seuss would too...

Flamingo Feathers...the seeds came through my fence from the neighbor and politely planted themselves...FO' FREEEE!

I inherited spinach when I bought the house. Here it is, dead and delicious in my plate.

Gratuitous unrelated cat pic...because, Gingy is majestic...


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Baby Groot!

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows who Baby Groot is at this point. I mean, the little leafy pipsqueak is just flipping adorable! I challenge anyone with a heart to watch the trailer without squeaking in delight.

Case in point...

So of course, I had to make a Baby Groot to call my own. I found a photo of a felt ornament that some immensely creative person made, and used it as inspiration for my very own baby alien tree shrub ornament. BEHOLD!

So, this is the template. The wooden popsicle sticks have nothing to do with this project, but I just happened to be painting a "Shit List" at the same time...will share pics of that project another day...

So adorable, so KAWAII, amirite!? I think I'll put some magnet on him so he can be a fridgie.

Materials: craft foam (grey, green, beige), Uni Posca Pens (black, white, green, brown).

👽  💗  🌿

"I ammmmmmm (baby) GROOOOOOooooooooTTTttT!!"

*Note: this is not a sponsored post. I simply like cute things, and baby Groot is cute...which rhymes because I'm cool like that. All images from the GOTG universe are obviously copyright to Marvel Universe. This is just a fan craft :-)

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Off-season Santa in his Slippers

Father Christmas has a few months off to relax, so he's probably chilling at home in the North Pole wearing his most comfy festive pjs and bunny slippers!

I bought "The Awesome Book of Craft Foam" on Ebay earlier this year and have been itching to try this pattern out. Forgive the bad language in the background - Mommy has a potty mouth and is also too lazy to blur the words...

So, for anyone who's interested in trying this type of craft, step 1 is to trace the pattern...

Step 2, I take some cardboard (in this case I used an old file folder) and transfer the tracing and cut out the shapes to make templates.

Step 3, draw around the templates with a pencil onto craft foam and carefully cut out the shapes. It's coming together now!

Then, I decorate each piece (you'll notice I did my own thing instead of following the design - you can use your creativity here and have fun). The final step is to glue each section in place to complete your ornament.

I designed 3 patterns of pajamas - I think I like the tartan the best!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Belize Rhymes with Freeze

Baby it's Cold Outside. I mean, what fresh hell is this? 70 degrees F? I might as well be living in the fridge...move aside eggs and butter, I'm movin' in!

You see, I live in Belize which is a TROPICAL country. I'm used to temperatures that range from mid 80s to the high 90s...not this arctic chill! Sure, in the humid, sticky days of May we all dream of a "cold front" but when it actually arrives I'm like...

And I'm not the only one. People all over Belize have dragged out their hoodies, beanies and blankies to fend off the frigid air. It was actually below 70 degrees this morning - how DARE you Mother Nature? Just because Belize rhymes with Freeze doesn't mean you have to do that to us!

Of course, the snuggly silver lining is that I have an excuse to use all my fabulous Christmas socks and pjs, and cuddle up with the blankies made for me by my mum. Soooo flippin' cozy!

Oh hey - How do you keep warm in a cold room?

wait for it....

wait for it...

Go to the corner cuz it's always 90 degrees.