Monday, January 23, 2017

Off-season Santa in his Slippers

Father Christmas has a few months off to relax, so he's probably chilling at home in the North Pole wearing his most comfy festive pjs and bunny slippers!

I bought "The Awesome Book of Craft Foam" on Ebay earlier this year and have been itching to try this pattern out. Forgive the bad language in the background - Mommy has a potty mouth and is also too lazy to blur the words...

So, for anyone who's interested in trying this type of craft, step 1 is to trace the pattern...

Step 2, I take some cardboard (in this case I used an old file folder) and transfer the tracing and cut out the shapes to make templates.

Step 3, draw around the templates with a pencil onto craft foam and carefully cut out the shapes. It's coming together now!

Then, I decorate each piece (you'll notice I did my own thing instead of following the design - you can use your creativity here and have fun). The final step is to glue each section in place to complete your ornament.

I designed 3 patterns of pajamas - I think I like the tartan the best!

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