Monday, August 22, 2016

Christmas all day, errr' day!

So, I guess by now you've realized that I'm slightly fixated on Christmas....You THINK you know, but you have no idea! Sure, my crafting is 98% Christmas-themed, but my LIFE is at least 30% Christmassy on a daily basis! Probably more.

Coffee mugs? Yeah, I have about 20 and most of them are Christmas mugs. Potholders? Yup, snowman-themed. PJs? Forget about it!! About 80% of my PJs are covered in snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, crazy get the picture. Socks? Yup, 95% of those are Christmas socks. Pictured above is my dearly departed doggie modeling a pair of my snazzy socks.

I've also worked the theme into my kid's fricken NAME!!! Yeah that's right, her middle name is "Noelle" which is bloody gorgeous in my opinion...and Christmassy! My husband Jaime even has a Christmassy surname (in my opinion) - REYES! Ya know, like the 3 Kings? lol. And lastly, I have decided that my middle name sounds suspiciously like the activity that those people do, singing from door to door every Christmas - Carolyn (CAROLING!!!). I was destined for the Christmas Life!

I didn't choose the Christmas-crazy life, the Christmas-crazy life chose ME! Hahaha.  

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