Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hey Sweet Thang!

Dieters beware! I've been busy "cooking up" some sweet treats in my little crafty corner! See the high-calorie cuteness below:

Ooh Shake your flakes! I tried my hand and painting, and it didn't come out too badly. I painted directly onto craft foam with really cheap acrylics lol. Note the chenille stem poinsettia. They don't call them pipe cleaners anymore...I guess cuz everyone uses them for crafts and not cancer?

Mesmerizing swirls of delight (and foam). I'm just glad that I finally found a use for these wooden craft sticks that I impulse-purchased like....years ago. Anyone else do that? I buy craft supplies that I "might" find a use for. I do eventually...mostly...

Oooh La LA! I tried the heat-forming (thermoformado) thing again to make a cupcake, and it's kinda cute. Well, the biscotti or whatever it's supposed to be, are sort of positioned like tv antenna (yes, I'm old ok) so that needs changing...but all in all, CUTE!

What do you think?

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